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Cabin Games

In the Garage:


  • Cornhole (Rules).  Distance:

    • Adult 27' front to front

    • Juniors 15'

In the Cabin:

  • Bananagram

  • Cards and Poker Chips

  • Mexican Train Dominoes  (Rules)

  • Scrabble

  • Scategories

  • Trekking National Parks Board Game

Video Games:

Playstation 3 with various games

Note:  Orange and Blue corn hole bags celebrate the US Coast Guard Academy Bears, not the Broncos.

8-Ball House Rules
(Loosely based on the rules of the Billiards Congress of America Pool League)

  1. Table is always open after the break. Any ball but the 8-ball may be hit first on the shot following the break. Solids/Stripes are assigned when a ball is called and pocketed following the break.

    • 8-Ball made on the break is not a win or a loss. Spot 8-ball and play table as it lies.  Cue ball "in the kitchen" (behind the 2nd diamond).

  2. On all shots after the break, Ball and Pocket only must be called. Details of the shot (such as banks, kisses, caroms, or combinations) are unnecessary to specify.

  3. Continuing play only requires the shooter to legally pocket the called ball into the called pocket, even if other balls (not the 8-Ball) fall into a pocket. Turn ends after fouls or misses. It is not a foul to pocket a ball into an uncalled pocket, it is also not a foul to pocket an opponent’s ball.

  4. All fouls result in Ball-in-hand anywhere on the table.  Fouls include:

    • Scratching the cue ball into a pocket or over a rail.

    • Causing any object ball to jump off the table. (No balls are ever spotted. Balls that leave the playing surface are left out of play)

    • Failing to hit a legal object ball first (this means hitting nothing, hitting an opponents ball first, or hitting the 8-ball when it is not the shooters final ball)

    • Having no ball reach a rail or fall into a pocket after contact between cue ball and object ball. Important This rule is commonly overlooked.

    • Jump Shots.  NO JUMP SHOTS.

  5. The game is won by the shooter when the 8-ball is made, without fouling, into a called pocket. (8-ball does not need to go in “clean”). 

    • If the 8-Ball is still on the table the game continues.

  6. The game is lost by the shooter when one or more of the following occur:

    • The 8-Ball is pocketed early (not made as its own shot following the pocketing of the shooter’s group).

    • The 8-Ball is not made into the correct called pocket.

    • The 8-Ball is jumped off the table.

    • The 8-Ball is made AND the cue scratches or another foul is committed. NOTE: Simply scratching while shooting at the 8-Ball is not a loss. If the 8-Ball is still on the table after a foul the game continues with the incoming player having ball-in-hand anywhere on the table.

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