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The lakes and rivers around the cabin are fueled by snow melt and they remain pretty cold all year round.  However, that shouldn't stop you from jumping in on a hot day and discovering how much fun the cold rush can be!

A few of our swimming holes are below.  Just use Google Maps for directions to any of the them.

North Fork Stanislaus River - 15 min

Take Google Maps to Sourgrass Day Use area.  This beautiful section of river is just below Big Trees Village, down Boards Crossing Road.  Go downstream from the bridge for a great jumping spot off the rocks.  Go upstream from the bridge for a great spot to ride the rapids for a few hundred feet.

Tres payasos

Lake Alpine - 27 min

Swimming to the small islands on Lake Alpine is cold, but a lot of fun.


Utica Reservoir - 42 min

A small and very picturesque reservoir.  It's rocky, wooded shoreline and many islands make it very fun to paddle and explore.  Find a good rock with deep water next to it and voila - instant fun!

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